Nov 5, 2014

lust/must leopard print pumps

Lust/Must: Leopard Print Pumps

lust/must: red quilted bags

Lust/Must: Red Quilted Bags

Oct 26, 2014

date night

Theta Delta Chi is a frat at Rutgers University where every fall semester they hold an event called date night. Date night was this past Saturday night where my boyfriend Keith and I had a fantastic time and most importantly, our outfits were on point. The looks went great together, so of course I had to not only feature the looks on the blog, but to introduce you all to my amazing boyfriend, Keith.

Starting with my outfit, I wanted to go with a romper for this event because they are super comfortable. I didn't want to wear a skirt and a top because that meant more money being spent and I didn't want to wear a dress because I would be pulling it down all night (of course we don't want that). Rompers are the best because they are inexpensive and easy. So, since I was the first one to purchase my outfit, we based his look off of mine. Keith is becoming quite the GQ model; he is breaking out of his normal comfort zone of basketball shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers, which I am so happy about. Regardless of what he wears he always looks great, but on this particular night he looked so handsome. To pick out his outfit, we had a budget and a deadline, so we made one quick stop to our local mall. We went to H&M because it is a one stop shopping destination for men, women, and children. We walked in the store and initially we didn't see much, but after taking closer looks at the merchandise we were finding too much. For Keith, we wanted to go a different route than typical black or grey pants, so we found maroon chinos. Being that the pants were dark, we wanted to go with crisp white button down along with black shoes. The accessories for both myself and boyfriend is really what topped the looks off and tied everything together. My cheetah clutch and shoes and his cheetah print bow tie and maroon suspenders really made the looks come alive. I can't even tell you how many compliments we each got on our outfits. We really looked great together and on top of that had an amazing time at Theta Delta Chi's date night.

Shop these looks:

Bottom: Burgundy Chinos
Shoes: Oxford Shoes (Similar)
Accessories: Cheetah Bow Tie (Similar) // Burgundy Suspenders (Similar)

Oct 14, 2014

school spirit

LIM COLLEGE IS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER! I think it is super important to have some sort of school spirit whether it is through word of mouth, getting involved, attending school events, or wearing college apparel. I personally happen to do all of the above. I made a pact with myself my freshman year that I would be very involved in school to create the campus life I desired; being that I have been commuting to school throughout college. To outline how I have been involved: I was a part of the fashion show production club, student life activities board, dance team, orientation leader for new students, and a first year experience mentor. I also speak volumes about the school to friends, family, co-workers, and employers. In terms of wearing school branded apparel, I try to purchase new items every year.  To continue, the sweatshirt that I am wearing in this particular post is a new find within my school store this season. LIM's  bookstore puts out new crew neck sweatshirts at the beginning of each fall semester in an array of colors to choose from. They are comfortable, cute, and are offered at a great value of $14.95. I often purchase more than one because they are great to just throw on to tackle the day ahead. With the sweatshirt, I paired sequin harem pants that I actually ordered from a dance website. (As many of you know, I have danced throughout my life and that would explain why I shop on dance websites :).) Being that the pants were a statement on its own, I decided to put on black chucks and a faux leather baseball cap to add those subtle details. This post is all about a super cute and easy school spirit outfit that anyone can interpret! Have fun, get involved in your institution, and promote something you love. Outfit details are below! 

Oct 5, 2014

baggy business

Baggy business is all about gathering pieces that are flowy and don't necessarily cling to your body. While yes, some may be thinking why would I ever want to create a look featuring baggy clothing that won't be flattering to my body? This look isn't about flaunting your every curve, but is more so to create a look at others might not consider. Everyone is different, this could be a perfect Monday look for you or it may not be. I know waking up this morning I was not in the mood to get dressed at all; I mean who is? All I wanted to do when my alarm went off was hit snooze and turn the other way.  BUT there wasn't a chance of me missing school. With that being said, I opened my (broken) closet doors and randomly picked items, all of which happened to be flawy and/or boyfriend silhouettes. Initially looking at the clothes I was thinking "no way," but, I ended up trying it on anyway and fell in love with the look. I thought to myself, now how could I spruce up this look without it being too much? So I picked up my new necklace and matched it to my red high top converses; put those pieces on and had a complete look! Now... It's your turn to wake up either some time this week or next week and do the same. Just open your closet, grab random garments, and put 'em on. Let me add, the look may not be right at first, mine just to happened to be. You might need to play with your clothes to get it just right. Again, I challenge you to master this baggy business look. It looks super cute in the end even if not at  first. Go for it guys! 

Top: High Low Long Sleeve Top (similar)
Pants: Boyfriend Jeans // Boyfriend Jeans 1 (similar)
Vest: Oversized Vest (similar)
Jacket: Moto Jacket
Sneakers: High Top Chucks