selfie and shameless

Hey guys! I am somewhat embarrassed to say how long it has been since my last post. There have been many mishaps but I am happy to say I am back! I am sad to say that I won't be back for a while again. I know, I know what you're thinking, "why is she leaving us again?" Let me ensure you this is for a good reason! I have created my own domain so I have a little more freedom in the layout of my page and such. I am hoping to launch it at the beginning of summer with a great updated look, more style posts, more incentives for you guys, and much more. I often enjoy setting goals and happily checking them off my to-do list; this has been a goal of mine and I hope you guys will enjoy it. This will be my last post on this website and moving to a new website with my own name in the near future! 

 My look selfie and shameless,  was something I threw together before meeting friends and family for dinner a couple of weeks ago. I had to be super quick and I knew the look I wanted to accomplish (cute/casual), it was just about me finding the perfect outfit under a crunch for time. These pants are to die for; they are super comfortable, the material feels as if clouds are wrapped around your legs, and are super trendy. Being the that print is so bold, I wanted to do a simple top and not wear a top with another print. This decision is what led me to my selfie and shameless tee made by Madison and Berkeley. My slip on shoes are ones that you have seen on the blog before and they are essential for the spring. Let me add, my slip on sneaker collection is growing by the minute! I finished off my casual dinner look with a leather jacket made by Bebe and SUPER cute fox stud earrings sent to me by Vinca USA. Vinca is a jewelry brand for those "who cannot stand boring." Amanda, founder of Vinca, wants her jewelry to be unique and in my eyes it definitely is. The fox trend is in for the season and will be leading into the Fall. The earrings come in four colors for you all to choose from; so get your hands on these super cute studs before they sell out! All details and links of the outfit are below! 

Again, from this point forward, I will be relocating to my personal domain! I am super excited about the move and I hope you all are too. Check back to this website for more details on the new site!

get the look!: jessica alba

Jessica Alba walks the Piperlime step and repeat in a casual jean outfit. She is wearing simple dark denim pants with a plaid cap sleeve top. She adds a pop of color by wearing emerald green pointed toe pumps and mixes in a cheetah clutch. One would think this look is all over the place because when you think about it, the items in this look don't actually go together. But in fact, this look is simple and classy. I have put together a similar look for under $100! To get this look follow the link: Jessica Alba